Kinetics on the Molecular Scale


This simulation is meant to demonstrate aspects of simple kinetic reactions and relate the discrete world of molecules to that of reactions on a continuum. In this simulation red A molecules react with white B molecules to make yellow C molecules, upon collision of the appropriate number of molecules (or spontaneously for a 1st order reaction). The reaction may be made reversible by raising PReverse above 0.

Set up your initial conditions at the bottom of the applet and press play to run the simulation. Press fast forward to run as quickly as possible. Mouseover each input option to see a description of that option or variable.

t: 0 atu
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Gas Liquid     |     Solid Periodic

y ln(y) y-1 y-2

α A+β BC

dCA / dt = - CAα CBβ k

Examples Scenarios:

   With No Reaction

   With Reaction, One Species

   With Reaction, Two Species

α = β =
NA0 = NB0 =
PForward (%) = PReverse (% / atu) =
MWA (g/mol) = MWB (g/mol) =
T (°C) =