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Required Physical Chemistry Technical Elective - This is not a specialization/emphasis. All undergraduates must take at least one technical elective from this category.
Energy Engineering (Emphasis) - Fuels, petroleum extraction & processing. Both traditional and alternative energy. See the undergraduate handbook for emphasis requirement details.
Environmental & Sustainability (Specialization) - Air & water quality, improving our processes to protect environmental health & safety.
Biochemical Engineering & Bioprocessing (Specialization) - Use of biology to create useful products, from food to therapeutics.
Alternative Energy (Specialization) - Solar, wind, geothermal, and energy storage solutions for low-carbon power generation.
Semiconductor Processing (Specialization) - Processes necessary for building processors & flash memory devices.
Computational Methods & Data Science (Specialization) - Simulation, analysis, and control of complex chemical engineer processes.
Business, Law, & Management (Specialization) - The business, law, & management aspects of chemical engineering. Interested students should consider the Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate
Metallurgy & Metal Processing (Specialization) - Metal extraction purification and alloying processes.
Mining Processes (Specialization) - Mineral extraction processes and minimization of environmental impact.
Materials Engineering (Specialization) - Polymers, ceramics, metals, & composites for consumer products, medical devices, & more.
Nuclear engineering(Specialization) - Nuclear reactor and forensic processes. Interested students should consider using these electives to also obtain a minor in nuclear engineering.
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CH EN·4870 [1-3]
I Energy Analysis
CH EN·4973 [1-3]
UG Thesis Res
CH EN·4975 [1-3]
Chem Engr Clinic
CH EN·4977 [1-3]
Co-op Educ
CH EN·4978 [1-3]
Co-op Educ
CH EN·4980 [3]
UG Research
CH EN·4999 [1-3]
Honors Thesis
CH EN·5158 [3]
Energy & Soc.
CH EN·5203 [3]
State Space Control
CH EN·5205 [3]
Smart Systems
CH EN·5208 [3]
AI for ChemE
CH EN·5230 [3]
Bio Devices & Sen.
CH EN·5305 [3]
Air Pollution Ctrl
CH EN·5306 [3]
Appl Atmos Model
CH EN·5308 [3]
Battery Tech
CH EN·5310 [3]
Renewable Energy
CH EN·5555 [3]
Catalysis Eng
CH EN·5810 [3]
CH EN·5950 [1-5]
Independent Study
CH EN·5960 [½-5]
Special Topics
CH EN·59601 [3]
Product Design
CH EN·59604 [3]
Semicond. Process.
CH EN·59606 [3]
ATMOS·3100 [3]
Atmos Chem
ATMOS·5000 [3]
Intr Atmos Sci
ATMOS·5050 [2]
Enviro Instrument
ATMOS·5400 [3]
Climate System
BIOL·2020 [3]
Princ Cell Bio
BIOL·2030 [3]
BIOL·3510 [3]
Bio Chem I
BIOL·3520 [3]
Bio Chem II
BIOL·5495 [3]
Biophys Ecology
BME·3202 [4]
Physiol for Eng
BME·4250 [4]
Biomechanics I
BME·4640 [3]
Image Processing
BME·5250 [3]
Biomechanics II
BME·5306 [3]
Gene Eng/Synth
CHEM·2315 [2]
Org Chem Lab I
CHEM·2320 [4]
Org Chem II
CHEM·2321 [4]
Org Chem II H
CHEM·2325 [2]
Org Chem Lab II
CHEM·3060 [4]
Quantum Chem
CHEM·3070 [4]
Thermo & Kinetics
CHEM·3090 [4]
Phys Chem Life Sci
CHEM·3100 [5]
Inorganic Chem
CHEM·5720 [2]
Phys Chem Lab
CHEM·5730 [2]
Inorg Chem Lab
CS·1410 [4]
Object-Or Prog
CS·3200 [3]
Intro Sci Comp
CVEEN·3610 [3]
Environ Eng I
CVEEN·5605 [3]
H2O Treatment
ECE·2210 [3]
ECE Nonmajors
ECE·3200 [3]
Semicond Phys
ECE·5961 [½-6]
Special Topics
ECON·3500 [3]
Intntl Economics
ENGIN·5030 [3]
Patent Law & Strat
ENGIN·5790 [3]
ENGIN·5791 [3]
Tech Ventures
ENVST·3365 [3]
Environ. Justice
GEO·5220 [3]
Seismic Img
GEO·5240 [3]
EM Methods
GEO·5350 [3]
GEO·5368 [3]
Energy Choices
GEO·5370 [3]
GEO·5385 [1]
Intro GW Modeling
GEO·5390 [3]
Subsurf Remed.
GEO·5450 [3]
Ore Genesis/Explor
GEO·5650 [3]
GEO·5660 [3]
GEO·5760 [4]
Stratigraph & Sed
GEO·5680 [3]
Carbon Cycle
GEO·5920 [½-5]
Special Topics
GEOG·5210 [3]
Global Clim Chg
GEOG·5215 [3]
Clim Chng Impacts
HNKLY·4900 [3-12]
Intern: Local
HNKLY·4901 [3-12]
Intern: Legislature
HNKLY·4902 [3-12]
Intern: National
HNKLY·4903 [3-12]
Intern: Int'l
HNKLY·4909 [3-12]
Intern: CEL
MATH·3080 [3]
Applied Stats II
MATH·3140 [4]
Vect Calc & PDE
MATH·3150 [2]
PDE's for Eng
MATH·3180 [1]
R Lab II
MATH·3600 [3]
Math in Medicine
MATH·4100 [3]
Intro Data Sci
MATH·4600 [4]
Math Phys/Med
MATH·5110 [3]
Math Biology I
MATH·5120 [3]
Math Biology II
MATH·5600 [4]
Surv-Num Analysis
MATH·5620 [4]
Num Analysis II
ME EN·2050 [1]
Fund Microsys
ME EN·5000 [3]
Engineering Law
ME EN·5050 [3]
ME EN·5055 [3]
Microsystems D&C
ME EN·5250 [3]
OO Prog for Eng
ME EN·5620 [3]
Fund Micr Eng
ME EN·5730 [3]
Microfluidic Fab
ME EN·5800 [3]
Sus Energy Eng
ME EN·5810 [3]
Therm Sys Design
MET E·5260 [3]
Phys Metallurgy I
MET E·5300 [3]
Alloy Design
MET E·5450 [3]
Mech Metallurgy
MET E·5670 [3]
Mineral Proc I
MET E·5680 [3]
Mineral Proc II
MET E·5700 [3]
MET E·5710 [4]
High T Chem Proc
MET E·5780 [2.5]
Metals Proc
MGT·3000 [3]
Princpl of Manage
MGT·3680 [3]
Org Human Behave
MGT·4900 [3]
Intntl Manage
MGT·5600 [3]
Business Ethics
MKTG·4840 [3]
Int'l Marketing
MSE·3061 [3]
Transport Phenom
MSE·3210 [3]
Electron Prop Slds
MSE·3310 [3]
Intro Ceramics
MSE·3410 [3]
Intro Polymers
MSE·5040 [4]
Intr Biomaterial
MSE·5475 [3]
Intro Composites
MSE·6001 [3]
Eng Mtrls
NUCL·3000 [3]
Nuclear Princi
NUCL·3100 [3]
Rad Interact
NUCL·3200 [3]
Radiochem I
NUCL·4000 [3]
Nuclear Lab
PHIL·3520 [3]
PHIL·4540 [3]
Eng Ethics Soc
PHYS·2215 [1]
Phys Lab I S & E
PHYS·2225 [1]
Phys Lab II S&E
PHYS·2710 [4]
Phys & Thermo
PHYS·3150 [3]
Energy & Sustain
PHYS·3610 [3]
PHYS·3740 [3]
Quantum & Rel
PHYS·3760 [3]
Thermo Stat Mech
PHYS·4210 [3]
Optics in Bio
PHYS·4310 [3]
Physics in Bio
PHYS·5510 [3]
Solid-State Phys I
POLS·5322 [3]
Enviro/Sus Policy
SCI·3900 [3]
Human in STEM